Soul – the receptive


Course for Filmmaking that is socially sensible

Here you cannot only acquire theoretical knowledge of film producing, but can obtain hands on experience of it and the process of making it available for the hearing and vision impaired during the completion of your exam film that you will do jointly with others.

This way you not only gain more experience in the world of movies, but with the completed film you will give something special to your handicapped fellows.

You can be a part of a socially susceptible course where we make a specific film together with our fellow humans that are disadvantaged or in some way cannot lead a life that we lucky ones do and show their everyday challenges, difficulties, but also the solutions.

The famous film director, and editor Peter Timar with a Bela Balazs Prize; will pass on his knowledge of the basis of film making, but more importantly 40 years of his experience in the psychology of it.

We completed the first course’s exam film in the State Institute for the Blind in 2015, which you can watch here:


… because every morning is an opportunity;
… because every moment is a gift;
… because smile dresses us;
… because the shine shines in everyone.napos kép