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CINE – the caller

The Inner Sun Studio has 3 main elements: CINE – SOUL - SENSE
Film making and teaching at the same place!

We find filmmaking a wonderful tool which can be a bridge, a solution to building relationships and rapport beetween people of all kinds – helpers and the needy – because a lot of times we have a lot to say but there is no one to listen. So we have decided: we need to do something, lets show example! Together. By film.

We can make your film

  • for commercial-, and educational purposes for companies, private persons, lecturers, instructors, therapists, Health care specialists;
  • for commercial purposes for start up companies with very reasonable conditions;
  • for campaing purposes, or for Foundations and Associations to help them collect the 1% personal income tax
  • for the representatives of the groups of disadvantaged, medically disadvantaged, or in some way needy people


where life is the director, where film is the reality...

You can download the theme of the course here (pdf)


Photos: Edit Zoltan