Sense – that forms your approach
2015.11.18. Tímár Péter filmrendező előadása 02


Learn from Peter Timar! Shoot with Csaba Bojte!

„Can we even learn to direct a film? Maybe the way a music lover can compose music. Basic standpoints, rules, models can always be thaught, but whether it has music in it, meaning whether it has film in it or not, cannot be known...” – Peter Timar

How NOT to make a bad film?

Film is one of the most effective, but also the most sensitive category. Here you can learn how to tell a short story – even in still images - beyond two dimensions, using all sensory organs. How can you make effects? How can you make a feeling surface in your audience the way that after they will remember your film for years? How can you add something to their lives with this?

Throughout the whole course you not only learn film theory, but based on a specific theme we will also go through a full film shooting, which will give you an insight of the practical side of filmmaking. Besides all that, you can be among the first to learn the method of making a film for the vision impaired. Finally at the end of the course you will have the chance to make your first film with our special guest Csaba Bojte and his highly favored, and protected orphans.

Our intense beginner courses are continuously starting and last for six weeks along with our one weekend long, advanced, practice oriented courses.

Photo: Janos Eifert